Sophie Hao

Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow
Center for Data Science
New York University

I am a postdoc without a supervisor at New York University (NYU). My research is on interpretability and explainability for natural language processing, with the aim of understanding what it means for a deep neural network to be “interpreted by” or “explained to” a human audience. Interests include but are not limited to:

My collaborators at NYU include Tal Linzen and João Sedoc. I recently completed my PhD in Linguistics and Computer Science with Bob Frank and Dana Angluin at Yale University.

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PhD, Linguistics and Computer Science
Yale University, 2022
Advisors: Bob Frank and Dana Angluin

BA, Mathematics and Linguistics
University of Chicago, 2015
Advisor: Greg Kobele

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow
New York University, 2022–

Natural Language Machine Learning Intern
Apple, Summer 2021

Visiting Researcher
National Institute of Informatics, Summer 2017

Software Developer
Epic, 2015–2016

Sales and Trading Intern
Wells Fargo Securities, Summer 2014