Not a Phonologist?

Explanation of the URL

I have written quite a few papers relating to phonology, in particular on ways in which phonological representations can be described using formal languages. This is despite the fact that I don’t identify as a phonologist.

My work on phonology started when I was searching for a final paper topic for my graduate phonology course. I ended up writing a formal analysis of Harmonic Serialism, showing that it can describe non-finite-state mappings between underlying forms and surface forms. Since then, I’ve also written about locality in phonological mappings, as well as a complexity-theoretic analysis of (parallel) Optimality Theory. I have enjoyed collaborating on phonological research with Samuel Andersson, Dustin Bowers, Hossep Dolatian, and Andrew Lamont.

These days, I am primarily focused on my NLP research, though I occasionally do phonology on the side when an idea comes up.